TELL me a story: Prompt Two

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bird Flowers

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday. I thought we should celebrate another week with another oral story telling prompt. If you missed the first post, no worries. I’ll explain.

I’ve started this project called TELL me a story to try to bring out an online community of people that tell stories. Yes, you can write stories and be a story “communicator”, and I’m not really going to be a stickler for the language, but just to illustrate the importance of what I’m trying to do, you can see that even the phrasing leans toward oral story telling.

It’s how we tell stories every day. “You’ll never guess what happened to me today!” The rest isn’t passed on in a note. It’s carried through your voice, from one person to the next. That’s the vitality that I want to bring into this community and this idea: that action of sharing your story through your voice to another person who’s actively listening.

That’s where video prompts come in. They’re like regular writing prompts, but instead of posting your text in the comments, you’ll record your piece in a video and post the link in the comments. Making a video is extremely easy, so don’t let that be your excuse. If you have a built-in webcam and a YouTube account, you’re ready to go. Just click upload and then record from webcam. If you have any questions, you’ll find my contact information in the contact tab of this blog.

So have I convinced you? Are you ready and raring to go? Come on, let’s get to it!

Today’s video prompt is: I am a baby bird strapped into a catapult.

I won’t let you have all the fun to yourself! Here’s my response.

Happy writing and happy telling!



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