Writing Prompt: Pan-Flash

April 29, 2011 § 8 Comments

My boyfriend attempted yesterday to design his own business cards, which got me thinking about how I could make my own business cards stand out. Mind you, they’re not actual objects yet. But I did come up with an idea that I’m very satisfied with. Artists put their art on cards, right? I’m an artist, too, so why not put some of my art on my card?

So I decided to make a set of very, very short flash fiction pieces. I guess they call it micro fiction under 300 words. And I’ll put those on the backs of my cards! Let me tell you, though, this is no easy feat. I’ve started the first piece and it came out over 190 words the first time. It took me more than an hour (splice chatting, Tweeting, YouTubing in there) to cut it down to 138 words. I was aiming for 130 or less, since that would allow the text to be 12pt on the cards. But man, 138 seems like it’s good enough now.

Yes, yes! That’s my prompt to you. Write your own business card flash fiction (or poetry) in 140 words or less.

Here’s my first attempt. I call it Continuing Education.

The apples were too ripe.
As Magnum tossed the salad, the slices of gala turned brown.
Jenny had been with Magnum for eight years and some months. His hair had been chestnut. Now it was white, spoiling opposite of  apples. When he forgot dinner or misplaced his keys, she smiled. She liked his shaking hands.
No, it wasn’t the fraying she minded.
She slid the apple slices around on her tongue. Sticky sweet. He said “sorry”. She closed her eyes.
He’d cried when he couldn’t respond to her touch.
She decided that what strength was left to her would suffice to teach him what ruin truly felt like. There was time. He’d learn that, too.
Outside town, Jenny bought a salad at Perkins. The crisp leaves were hard on her dentures. She took the rest to-go.

Happy writing and happy telling! Post your own business card micro-fiction pieces in the comments.



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§ 8 Responses to Writing Prompt: Pan-Flash

  • Mike says:

    What a great idea, the business cards that ii.
    I also like the idea of 140 word story – I’m off to try and create one.

  • Mike says:

    In response to your 140 word business card micro fiction prompt: (140 words exactly!)

    She was a beautiful creature. As she walked around he couldn’t help but notice her long, slim body. Her most striking aspect though was her hair. Everyone agreed that those long, blond curls, cascading down her back, looked magnificent, shimmering in the artificial sunlight.

    He smiled as he stepped back from the observation window. This had to be the star of his Inter Galactic Zoo. It had cost him a fortune to get this exhibit to Volgan 9 but it had been worth it. Any moment now the gates would open and crowds would flock in to marvel at his latest prize. He checked the sign below the window:

    Name: ‘Fiona’
    Species: Female Homo Sapien
    Natural Habitat: Planet Earth

    If only he could get his hands on a mate for her. A baby earthling would certainly pull in the visitors.

  • PenguinAttack says:

    I deliver what I promise!

    And when the floor opens beneath our feet all we’ll find are the bones of your lovers.

    The elongated sigh echoed with decreasing urgency. It bounced back and forth across his tongue and then burbled onto the cold marble floor. The sound was beautiful, rounded by the corners of his smile, and when the noise reached back to him, a curl of beckoning, he followed it to the wall. A misnomer, for the wall was mirrored, which made it a mirror and no longer a wall, did it not? The handsome gentleman who answered did not care. Behind them, a door opening went noticed, but not commented on. When the young man tumbled onto his knees, gazed, at them and stuttered, eyes wide with awe, they sighed.

    It was not his fault, really, for he was man.

    • Hannah says:

      Yay, Pingu. Thank you! I love the first line especially. How was it fitting into 140 words? :)

      • PenguinAttack says:

        PSH! It wasn’t too terrible. xD I was over by about 20, but cutting back was easy. I could do more cutting back, even. Thanks for the prompt, it was fun. ^^

  • Francesca says:

    Dia de les Muertos

    The needle coughed with static over that record as Joni Mitchell proclaimed that she could drink a case of you and still be on her feet. We were sitting on opposite ends of the couch and when I asked you what your dream job would be you said exorcist. I said be serious. You said you were. You said banishing other people’s demons would be your ultimate satisfaction. The photo of my grandparents on Dia de los Muertos circa 1960, which also happened to be their wedding day, trembled in its frame. You grinned at me from across the couch and crawled over to my side. You lay on top of me and smothered me with your smell: cider and wood smoke. I could feel only you. I let you envelop me. I let you give to me your demons.

    I DID IT. I’M PROUD OF MYSELF. 140 words exactly. :D If I can cut out 10 words maybe I’ll put it on the back of my next batch of business cards. (If there’s suddenly high demand for the 250 I just got printed.) :]

    • Hannah says:

      Woot woot. Thanks, Francesca! Yeah, WordPress makes me authorize your comments the first time you post, but after that they go in automatically, so you should be good from now one. :)

      Haha, and I want one of your business cards! With the Bukowski (not Anthony, the dead one) quote on the back!

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