Hype!: Modeling Wooden Dinosaurs

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is no way that you can tell me my Sunday afternoon was poorly spent, when you see the products of my effort.

If you have never modeled a wooden dinosaur, I highly recommend it. It’s almost like being an archaeologist, almost like being a model ship builder, almost like being a crazy college kid, but it’s a mix of all three in truth.

I bought these modelling kits in South Korea, actually. The glue we used to keep them together was Korean, but all my naive praise for Koreans being super amazing and making these one of a kind modelling kits was dashed when I saw the same kind of thing at Michael’s by the Belmont stop. So my dinosaurs are super special and Korean, but don’t despair, you can make dinosaurs, too.

There are other things to make as well if, for some weird reason, you don’t like dinosaurs or don’t find them as immediately appealing as I do. I’ve seen lions, boats, cars, buildings.

We also have a Temple of the Sun kit left to make, and something with a dragon and a phoenix. Those are larger kits, though, and I have to leave for my first ever writer’s group outside of classes in a little while, so we saved them for later.

The short version: go to Michael’s and buy a wood modeling kit. You will also feel that your afternoon was well spent. I promise.

Happy modeling!


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