This is kind of a catch-all blog for me, and I’ve got several different sections that I plan on keeping up. Here’s a list!

TELL Me a Story Project Posts

What I’m most excited about with this blog is my TELL Me a Story project, which involves writing prompts and video responses. Story telling was oral before it was written, so I’d like to experiment with going back to our roots in an online community. It’s the same as responding to a writing prompt, only sharing your results through a video rather than a static text-based post.

Blog Posts

Yes! We will have regular blog posts as well. Rants, raves, arguments, and musings will all fall under this category for your reading enjoyment and commenting pleasure.

Writing Prompts

I feel like this category will pair well with the TELL Me a Story project. These will be posts of writing prompts inviting our comfortable friend: text-based responses. Sometimes a story just doesn’t work well in a video, and sometimes prompts don’t invite the kind of writing that works well in a video, so we’ve got prompts for that, too.

Hype Posts

So if I ever come across something REALLY COOL, I’ll want  to tell you about it! That’s where my Hype! category comes in. Browse it for some cool stuff. I promise.

And maybe, just maybe if I feel like it, we’ll have book reviews, too.

If you’re interested in sharing your piece privately, suggesting a prompt, or just making friends, check out the contact link. Thanks!


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